2018 Screenplay Winner

Steven John Prowse

The Night Witches

With wood and canvas biplanes, no radio, no lights, no defenses and no parachutes, just bombs, these WW2 Soviet pilots terrorized the German front line night after night. They just happened to be women. A true story.











Steven, an optioned screenwriter, was born in London and has lived in the Netherlands, Curaçao, USA, Gibraltar and is now back in London. In a past life he was a Cambridge scholar, a chartered accountant, a CFO and also an international bridge player.

Since becoming a screenwriter five years ago, he has been official selected on over 140 occasions and has over 30 wins. He is steeling himself to becoming a drug user if and when Hollywood beckons. He has already spent the last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder. He is currently unrepresented

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