London City Film Awards  2021 Official Winners

We are proud to announce our 2021 winners 

Winner of Best Short Film 


Directed by Rosa Crompton 

Winner of Best Short Film Director

"Reavey Brothers"


Directed by John Reavey

Winner of Best UK Short Film 

"The Writer"

Directed by Aamir Nawab

Winner of Best Feature Film 

"The Book of Vision"


Directed by Carlo Shalom Hintermann

Winner of Best Male Actor 


George Russo in "Baby Boy"

Directed by Greg Hall

Winner of Best Foreign Feature Film 

"Silenced Tree"


Directed by Faysal Soysal

Winner of Best Short Documentary


"Rwanda: Beyond the Swamp"


Directed by Fiona Turner

Winner of Best Female Actor 


Laura Bayston in "Hollow"

Directed by Paul Holbrook

Winner of Best Feminist Film


"The Beached Whale"

Directed by Ilaria Franchini

Winner of Best Feature Documentary

"Route 4"


Directed by Martina Chamrad

Winner of Best Student Film

"Under The Influence"


Directed by Alex Deitsch

Winner of Best Music Video

"Let It Out by Stay Homas "


Directed by Ben Woolf

Winner of Best Soundtrack & Music Score 

"Cuando Tu Sangre Espese"

Composed by Fernando Cabrera

Directed by Hector Gallego

Winner of Best LGBT Film

"Don't Stay Safe"


Directed by Christina Franklin

Winner of Best Editing

"Venus "


Directed by Andrew McGee

Winner of Best Foreign Short Film 

"One Night Elsewhere"


Directed by Zhichao Zhu

Winner of Best Cinematography 

"The Little Death"


Directed by Christoph Rohner