2017 Final Programme

We’re proud to announce the Official Selection for 2017

28 Films will be screened at the event.

First 14 films from  5 pm to 7 pm

Second 14 films from 7:30 pm to 10 pm

Awards Ceremony 10 pm  

Little Thief

Nominated for Best Short Film

Duration: 17 minutes


Directed by Xavier Guigard


What a mistake it is for a woman to wait for a man to build the world that she wants instead of creating it herself.

The global world, alternative reality, the year 2017. Emma and Leo love each other but in a strictly regimented world where women represent 80% of the population, The struggle for being a couple and keeping faith in love is tough. 



Duration: 12 minutes

Short Film


Directed by Ross Ferrier

A man fights for survival when he wakes up in the middle of a desolate forest, chained to something far underground.

Behind the Mirror

Duration: 11 minutes

Short Film



The film explores the aspects of sexuality, morality and honesty against the backdrop of Middle Eastern Society.

Christmas on Mars

Duration: 2 minutes

Animated Film


By Ed Saxby 


Christmas on Mars is a short 2-minute animation that was inspired by the #EndLonelinessUK campaign that aims to raise awareness for the elderly who would be spending Christmas Day and the festive period alone. 
NASA’s Curiosity Rover comes to terms with spending Christmas alone on Mars and despite missing Earth, he makes the best of the situation…until a special delivery arrives from Earth.



Duration: 10 minutes

Short Film



Directed by Andrew Carslaw 

Emmi is a powerful drama about a teenager living in a tower block who has a dark secret. One evening she crosses paths with Sarah the kindly but nervous resident living in the flat below. The events which follow later in the night will change both of their lives forever. 

Kowloon Killers

Duration: 12 minutes

Short Film


Directed by Leif Johnson 


Action-packed film shot in Hong Kong



Duration: 10 minutes

Short Documentary 


Directed by David Stephenson


Raymond Ovens is a man with a remarkable story. A Protestant farmer now in his mid-eighties, he has been living on his own for the last fifty years, in a big house full of dust and memories, a place he once shared with his parents, sister and grandmother 





Duration: 4 minutes

Short Film


Directed by Rebecca Winkler


Nick and Anton are being held hostage, but are unsure of the reasons why. All they know is that they have to escape before things get really messy.

About Taste of Cherry

Duration:  18 minutes

Short Film

Directed by Ulaş Bıçak


Ciwan is a thirteen-year-old shepherd. He has two regular visitors while he is working.

One of them is Zeyno, his platonic love who brings him food every day; the other one is the librarian on a donkey from whom he borrows a book once a week.

The librarian knows that Ciwan is in love with Zeyno; gives him a poetry book and tells him to read to her.

Ciwan for the first time ever reads a poetry in his life and he wonders "what poetry means?"

The librarian both offers him cherry and starts telling the story of the fruit worm that sweetens the cherry.

hu.mans: David Stuart

Duration: 13 minutes

Short Documentary


Directed by Chidi Nobi

A six year old faces an unimaginable tragedy altering his young life and taking it on a dark trajectory. From the depths of despair emerges a determined man who takes control of his demons and turns his life around.

Man Is Cruel

Duration: 6 minutes

Short Film


Directed by Gustav Bondeson



Thrilling Journey of a sect member's last chance to turn back from evil.


Duration: 4 minutes

Experimental Short Film


Directed and Written by Alice Aires

An experimental film about self-growth and transformation. 
Through painting and dance, we witness a creative entering from a dark place into an exotic world of mystique, mystery and colour.





Duration: 4 minutes

Music Video

Directed by Martina Trepczyk

The music video BUTTER is rather a visual concept than a narrative. A visualisation of natural forces, complementary colours and power struggles drive the characters; a man and a woman. Overcoming physical obstacles defines their actions and creates contrasts, symbiosis and friction. As they get closer and closer, it leads to a meltdown of golden barrels into nothingness. And the perspective of the protagonist changes throughout, so one can never be sure if we see the music video through her eyes, see her escape and revenge or see his escape and imagination.

Jack Panna

Duration: 20 minutes

Short Documentary


Directed by Latham Wright


Cecil Bartley is a 64 year old fisherman who has been fishing his whole life to support his family. Cecil's oldest son, Keith, was raised to fish like his father but has slowly come to the realisation that falling fish populations can't support his livelihood. Jack Panna explores the generational gap between the two men, capturing their stories of the past and outlook on the future.


Duration: 11 minutes

Short Film


Directed by Marc Hardman

Written by Jumaan Short



Lara has always lived in the shadow of her mother. That is, until the morning of one life-changing decision that Lara knows, must be made alone.

Parallel City

Duration: 16 minutes

Short Film

Directed by Sarah Hughes

A famous novelist is traumatised by the deaths of her husband and daughter. Unable to come to terms with the tragedy, she escapes into a parallel London. The film records her journey into grief and despair. Is love worth the agony of loss?

The Beats Beneath

Duration:12 minutes 

Short Documentary 

Directed by Andrew South 

The Beats Beneath' explores the musical heritage and history of the Notting Hill Carnival. It focuses on some of the key figures who helped shape it and are laid to rest in Kensal Green Cemetery.

The Beats Beneath was created as part of the Octavia Foundation's Waking the Dead project.




The Blackest Day

Duration; 3 minutes

Experimental Film


Directed by Josh Hawkins


Based on first hand accounts of the “Kendal pals” of North West England who fought at the Somme, this piece of contemporary dance peers into the trauma created by war. It recreates not only the psychological fractures suffered by shell-shocked soldiers but also the difficult process of healing once battle is over.


In the Ring with a Muslim Muay Thai Champion

Duration: 6 minutes

Short Documentary

Directed by James Callum

Raised in a traditional Muslim family of Bangladeshi origin in Ilford, Essex, Ruqsana long battled the contradiction between her strict upbringing and passion for Muay Thai kickboxing.

After keeping her training secret from her family for four years, in April 2016 she defeated Sweden’s Josefine Lindgren Knutsson to be crowned World Kickboxing Champion in the Atomweight (48–50 kg) class.

Ruqsana is the only British Muslim woman who is a national champion in her sport and has pushed for more Muslim women to get into combat sports, creating a sports hijab in 2015.


Duration: 10 minutes

Short Film



Directed by Sunny Bahia


Abandoned in the basement of a ruined building, a young, vulnerable man stumbles alone into a strange, uncertain world and tries to make sense of the dream-like memories of his past.

But with the people and places, he once knew now gone, and the new world around him crumbling, how can he be certain that anything or anyone is really what it seems?


Duration:7 minutes

Animated Short Film


Directed by Mario Radev & Chiara Sgatti


[O] is a film that imitates nature in its manner of operation. The animation depicts cycles in a world entirely based on sound frequency and vibration.



Land: Dream

Duration: 8 minutes

Short Film


 Directed by Antonio Celotto


This beautiful situational piece explores the finals gasps of freedom of a woman who leaves her house, having to confessed to a murder, only to return several hours later to be arrested.


Just Saying

Duration: 14 minutes

Short Film

Directed by Nick Reed

A mother and son argue over sandwiches, mouth organs and forgiveness in this quintessentially British, black comedy.


Ewen Macintosh (The Office, The Lobster) and Carrie Cohen (Gnaw, Hellbreeder) star in this dramedy about love, loss and 47 plugs. Grace has lost her husband, Billy has lost his Dad...and his wife. Through guilt-tripping and embarrassing mouth organ music Grace hopes that she can drive Billy to repair his relationship with his wife in a way she'll never be able to with her husband.              

White Lilly

Duration: 11 minutes

Short film


Directed by Tristen Ofield


A tense spaceship captain and co-pilot set out to investigate a comet, when a technical fault cuts to the core of their relationship problem…

The Sleeping Beauty

Duration: 6 minutes

Music Video

Directed by Fabio D'Andrea

A music video short film featuring dancers from the London Contemporary Dance School, choreographed by Dane Hurst and set to the piano music of Fabio D'Andrea

A young father, still dealing with grief from the loss of his wife and coping with single parenthood, looks after his young daughter who dreams of becoming a dancer from the ballet The Sleeping Beauty.

Number 13

Duration: 10 minutes

Short Film


Directed by Jonell Rowe


An aspiring actor stops at a local supermarket before his big audition and has an unexpected confrontation with a self-aware, service till called 13. As he tries to get over his fear of failing, he must also find a way to save 13 from its impending end. 





Duration: 10 minutes

Short Film

Directed by Gabriel McArtney


A kooky mother helps her son with a plot to exact revenge on his school bullies.


Duration: 5 minutes

Experimnetal Film



Directed by Jay Worsley


A short aerial film showing the beauty of the desert, forest, ocean, winter, summer, and more all from a unique perspective. The film challenges the audience to view things in more than one way. To see that just by changing your perspective, something can come to life and become beautiful in a new way.




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