'A Ribbon in the Wind' by Louis Dalton Won the Award for Best Screenplay 2017


'As Britain uproars in 2011 riots, a trio of council-estate friends embark on a mission to retrieve as much as they can in order to finance their summer.'



Huge congratulations to Louis on his Screenplay. 


Powerful, touching and intense.



'Abra-Cadaver' by Ray Scanlon

horror, slasher, thriller, murder mystery


A failed career magician takes his show to new heights by killing his "volunteers", live stream, on the internet as a detective tries desperately to find him before his family becomes the next set of victims.

After losing everything a murdering magician, and his lunatic wife, start killing people on stage in front of a camera for viewers to see. History has shown to reveal why they do what they do. A short period piece from his beginnings and his final live show where he snaps and takes his audience for a ride they'll never forget.. or even survive.

A detective, who has a history with the star of the show, has to race to find the locations of the broadcast so he can stop his wife from becoming the next victim. Will he stop the pair in time or will he and his wife suffer a fate that's unimaginable?



'Girl on a LIne' by Will Davis

Thriller, drama, suspense, mystery


A volunteer at a helpline answers a call from a man who tells her he is going to commit a murder... It's up to her to stop him.



'The Robinsons' by Ayo Oeybade



The Robinsons are a wealthy family, however, Collin Robinson, the Patriarch, is in ill health. This illness will unravel a family secret but WHO is plotting against WHOM? A series of events threaten the family’s stability. What is between Helen and Levi? 
Meet the Robinsons.


'A Parallel' by Alena Čadová

Horror, History, Suspense


It's 1969. A 20-year-old Czech student is defying the current regime in Czechoslovakia occupied by the Soviet Union. He faces a freakish world where students are educated by workers and intelligence is meant to be exterminated. The student's youthful rebellious nature leads him to commit a horrifying act which changes the nation once and for all. 


'Please Mind The Gap' by Vittoria Rizzardi Penalosa



The Tube: that one place where all those busy lives in this restless city which is London cross path with one another. It’s an early Monday morning when Anna, Edin, Reomy, Marc, Tyler, Azim and Abbott find themselves trapped in this rectangular box. No way out. When time stops and all you are left with are others, you cannot know what your destination is going to be.

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